The Undergraduate Philosophy Association (UPA) is a new student group committed to:

  1. providing opportunities in philosophy to undergraduates; 
  2. serving as a bridge between the undergraduates and the rest of the Stanford Philosophy Department; and 
  3. reaching out to the greater Stanford community to provide information about, and generate enthusiasm for, philosophy
Click here to join the UPA general email list, where we'll keep you up to date on UPA events!

On this website, you'll find information on:
the programs UPA offers: 
  • Check out our philosophy undergrad advising page to learn about how you can get advice from upperclassmen in philosophy.
  • Or see our event page to see what we have planned next. 
2. helpful resources for philosophy undergrads: 
  • Check out our discussion page to post or respond to philosophical questions or quotes. 
  • Or take at look at our links and documents pages for information that will help you get involved and succeed in philosophy at Stanford.